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Irkiramat Foundation
Ololosokwan village
PO Box 16, Loliondo
Arusha - Tanzania
Tel: +255 786744663
      +255 782508892
Email: info@ramat-tz.org

Welcome to our website!

IrkiRamat Foundation (RAMAT) is a community-owned membership organization that was established in 2004 and officially registered in 2005. The main office is in Ololosokwan village and its activities are implemented in Loliondo division.

RAMAT was formed by and acts on behalf of the community to provide for an avenue for eliminating poverty by providing supportive services to these communities for implementing community income generation projects, education and women empowerment.

Why RAMAT was established?

RAMAT was established to assist the local communities address their deteriorating economic base – pastoralism. As income decreases due to climate change, poor policy and marginalization, uncertainty takes shape and hope is lost. The resulting challenges that the Maasai of Ngorongoro face include high illiteracy and poor livestock economy. The other main challenge comes from the realization that gender inequality which is prevalent among the Maasai contributes to low economic growth.

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06 September, 2013
Job Vacancy
21 April, 2010
5th Anniversary
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